Online course: Lights and shadows in a hyperrealistic drawing By Emanuele Dascanio


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Learn the use of light and shadow for a hyperrealistic drawing.

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  • Lesson 1: 1’46”
  • Lesson 2: 20’05”
  • Lesson 3: 13’59”
  • Lesson 4: 12’45”
  • Lesson 5: 12’01”
  • Lesson 6: 12’00”
  • Lesson 7: 11’13”
  • Lesson 8: 11’33”
  • Lesson 9: 11’42”
  • Lesson 10: 16’40”
  • Lesson 11: 11’53”
  • Lesson 12: 19’24”
  • Total course length: 155’01”

Emanuele Dascanio is an Italian hyperrealist artist, who lives in Milan.

He is skilled in the art of drawing and hyperrealist oil painting. His work is recognized by an exquisite and impeccable treatment of chiaroscuro, light and shadow in the composition of his works. Figure, still life and portraits reaching an extreme level of perfection in all his works, connected to the reality he seeks to convey.

He is a scholar and lover of the classics, he remembers and is nourished by the technical marvel of Leonardo Da Vinci, its most notable and marked influence throughout his career.

Master in the management of oil, however, his fame and greater international recognition he has earned with his work drawing. Owner impeccable technique and provided a strong personal style, today, along with authors such as Dirk Dizimirsky German or English Paul Cadden, he is without doubt the excellence of hyperrealistic drawing worldwide.

In this course you will enjoy your advice and experience about materials, treatment of photographs before making the drawing, knowledge of technique tratteggio, start and end of a hyperrealistic eye, lights, shadows, hardness pencils and correct use, etcetera.

Composición de dibujos de Emanuele Dascanio

Aim of this course

"The soul that can speak with its eyes, it also can kiss with its gaze."
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Throughout the history of literature and art are many verses that have been written about its value. The captive gaze angry, seduces and moves who observes it. However, its character and sense has never been easy to be transmitted to the canvas or paper. It is said that whoever dominates capture technique, portrait and win the viewer.

Emanuele Dascanio is a staunch defender of his important and decisive role in the development of their works. In this course, he brings his knowledge so you can learn to give to the eyes of people in your pictures the essence that only the master are able to catch their portraits.

You will learn to give look to the eye from building shape using lines. This allows you to define and highlight volumes through a play of light and shadows. The lights and shadows are will obtain with the technique of tratteggio. It is a technique that lets you create with few lines, atmosphere, light, volume, and which we will do all the work. We learn how to create the volume and forms, using charcoal and graphic with tratteggio technique.

In addition to the shadows with carbocillo, we will know how we can mix charcoal graphite. We discover how to create halftones with charcoal and will give you a vital importance to the mastery of technique tratteggio indisputable, base of the magnificent work of Dascanio and reflection in their splendid hyperrealistic iris and pupils.

You discovered how to generate the darker areas with the black stone or take advantage of areas that need to be clarified with the correct use of rubber and rubber pencil bread monkey zero. Dascanio also teach you how to mix and smooth the surface, recreating the effect of the skin, by handling pencils with vibrations that only tratteggio technique allows us.


Who is it aimed?

This course is aimed at both lovers drawing and painters like a professional tattoo and all those who want to improve their technique and started in the hyperrealistic drawing without extensive experience wanting to take advantage of their desire to learn and enjoy the technique that Dascanio teaches.


In this case the requirements can be varied. Although the essential is the need for the recommended materials: crayons, pencils, erasers, paper and a table to work.

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Emanuele Dascanio

Hyperrealistic artist, Garbagnate Milanese, 1983.

After graduating from the School of Art in Arese Lucio Fontana, in 2003 he enrolled at the Brera Academy, the painting section: having learned to live in a decadent atmosphere of the painting itself, he had to leave after six months.

He continues his training. However, because of their desire and need to grow as an artist, in 2007 he enters the studio of Gianluca Corona, student of the famous Mario Donizetti, finding in him a good teacher and learning the art of oil painting.

Through the use of ancient techniques of the Renaissance applied to contemporary sense of photorealism, Emanuele Dascanio tries to investigate, through the skin, the reality and get it their most intrinsic and deep meaning.

Emanuele Dascanio has participated in many national and international competitions and exhibitions. Also, currently his works are in private collections in Italy and other countries.

Online course: Lights and shadows in a hyperrealistic drawing By Emanuele Dascanio


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