a course by Jacob Dhein

Cityscape painting from beginning to end

Learn the particular techniques of the American painter to paint urban landscapes.

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Jacob Dhein is an American figurative and realistic painter based in San Francisco. With a defined style and very marked by the impeccable mastery of perspective, his work rides between the portrait, the nude, the moving compositions and the urban landscapes. Jacob has his own and correct point of view: “One of my goals is to have the paintings possess an abstract quality when viewed at a proximity of 3-5 feet, but as the observer steps back the painting becomes more representational.”

This course focuses on its theme of the urban landscape, we will see step by step how Jacob originates and gives value to a new visual map consolidated by a vigorous brushstroke, based on the constant deconstruction of the elements, the balanced play of lights and shadows or the subtle gradient that gives the frantic pace of the city.

He creates fragmented areas of interest in different degrees giving a sense of movement to the elements and the busy life of the city. Jacob divides the canvas into areas with one objective: to entertain the observer through the latent mixture of areas apparently fixed by the disorder in contrast to the smooth areas or lacks rhythm and harmony.

While moving forward in the tutorial, Jacob Dhein expands the boundaries of fragmented areas by generating solid blocks of color and integrating other means to explore the boundaries between representation, abstraction and multimedia. Where you can perceive that, although the representation of the subject will have some reference, Jacob’s goal is to explore the beauty that is within the division between representation and abstraction.

Jacob Dhein

Jacob Dhein

Jacob Dhein is an American figurative and realistic painter.

Jacob graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Painting and Sculpture and Masters of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco that he completed in 2013. Jacob Dhein is a versatile artist who stands out for his exquisite mastery of drawing, the measured chromatism in all his works and his rigorous composition. His knowledge, his careful technique and his personality that confers to each one of his works, have made his career as an artistic career has a clear and unquestionable identity. Not surprisingly, it is very easy at first glance to recognize any of his works.

Jacob, today, is presented as one of the most representative figures of painting internationally. With a career focused on the development of a figurative and realistic art. The portrait or painting of the nude is of essential importance in his work. However, it is perhaps his paintings focused on the theme of the urban landscape that are most closely linked to his powerful personal brand and those that have undoubtedly made him a world reference for his control of light, shadows and color which is capable of capturing the city, be it Chicago, Boston, Detroit or Madrid, the city to paint.

His work, present in a multitude of collective and individual exhibitions, has been exhibited in various galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Santa Barbara or San Francisco.

Jacob has taught workshops around the world for a decade. Since 2014, he is a professor of drawing and painting at the prestigious Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA.

Purpose of this course

This course is aimed at artists or, people who are fond of painting or professionals who want to know techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent on the theme of the urban landscape.

Who it is for?

During this course you can learn to combine traditional and contemporary techniques to create and generate an urban landscape painting from beginning to end. Throughout the more than 5 hours of the course you will be able to contemplate a continuous demonstration of Jacob, in addition to an explanation and breakdown of his entire process in simple steps that allow you to apply these ideas after your own work.

All this, to be able to contribute a greater understanding to your personal creative process once the whole process is finished.


Personal computer or tablet to view the videos. It is also possible to use a smartphone, although we recommend larger screen sizes that allow you to better appreciate the details. On the other hand, each one will be able to make use of the preferred pictorial material to carry out the practices, although we recommend canvas, oils or acrylics, brushes, spatulas, brushes, brush, etc. In short, all the materials recommended by Jacob Dhein for the realization of the painting to work throughout the tutorial process.

The materials, we reiterate, are recommended. You can do the tutorial without all the materials or in formats other than those oriented in the videos.

The important thing is to practice, practice and re-practice the exercise proposed by the teacher.

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