A course by Randy Bishop

Digital techniques in character design

Design a character from sketch to finish using a raster graphics editor.

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  • Lesson 1: 9'57"
  • Lesson 2: 10'04"
  • Lesson 3: 10'05"
  • Lesson 4: 12'05"
  • Lesson 5: 13'49"
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Randy Bishop, is an American illustrator born in Idaho, a state where he lives and works today.

For the last years he has worked continuously within the animation, games and publishing industry. He is a specialist in the design of characters, his field of study and technical-creative domain also derives towards visual development, narration or video games.

Among its clients, we can highlight: DreamWorks Animation Television, Axis Animation, Flaunt Productions, Edge of Reality or Pocket Gems.

Bishop is renowned for his ability to create characters quickly and accurately in controlling the expressions, movements and definition of the personalidad of the characters. He possesses a knowledge and perception of the anatomy of the characters to represent that provide him and facilitate the set a sign of identity associated immediately to the "brand Randy Bishop". All this is summarized concise in its magnificent finish.

Randy has not stopped working as a freelance illustrator since its inception, and has never ceased to seek new learning in terms of the management and control of light, texture of the skin or aspects linked to the representation of the Clothes or fabrics in the characters. Facts that undoubtedly have been fundamental to heighten it as one of the benchmarks of the world-wide illustration.


Purpose of the courses

In this course you can enjoy the advice and experiences provided by Randy about the creation and design of the character. The relevance of the sketch, control of the line, how to add layers and how to be balanced, give character aspect and character or how to redraw and minimize errors by redefining the sketch.

We will attach great importance to clothing and color. We can appreciate the importance of clean and clear lines in order to give the drawing the feeling that it is traditional, even if it is a work developed with digital tools. Because of this, we will consider the use of certain brushes to give a more natural appearance to the character. This aesthetic and finishing effect is very relevant to Randy, in all his works.

We will see the correct definition and we will explore our ability to better understand and overcome the difficulty in drawing clothes and fabrics, especially in the texture of folds. As well as the study and better understanding of the drawing of the hair in the characters.

We will implement the use of tools to distort, distort or blur; We will carry out the control of lights and shadows, games with the concave effect or the study of the color of the skin, paying special attention to its multitude of variations.

We will see how the control of the sources of light affects and how to color in general or how it is convenient to fill the bottom, taking into account the filters that we will use later and from which tools. Nor should we overlook the importance of the lines of perspective and the inking process.

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at lovers of illustration and character design, as well as all those who want to improve their technique and acquire the domain of digital color and the light that Randy prints in all his works.


To complete this course, you need to have a graphic rendering application, preferably Adobe Photoshop. It is also advisable, but not indispensable, to have a scanner and graphic tablet.

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About the artist

Randy Bishop

Randy Bishop

USA, 1986. He is an independent illustrator and visual narrator with more than 10 years of professional experience.

His learning from the continued practice and his tireless study of the theory give him, today, an undeniable and great relevance in the current illustration.

Throughout his professional experience, he has worked and collaborated in various artistic fields that include animation, editorial field, video and board games, animation character design, etc. During the past few years, Randy has worked with large companies and studies of Animation such as DreamWorks Animation Television, Axis Animation, Flaunt Productions, Edge of Reality or Pocket Gems. In addition, in recent years he has published several books on character design, as well as embarking on personal animation projects for the film and television industry.

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