A course by Manuel Castillero

cityscape using fast painting

Learn to master urban fast painting, from start to finish.

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  • Unit 1: Materials. Palette. Brushes. Mediums. Support.05'21"
  • Unit 2: Encase. Drawing. Lines, perspective and proportions. Base with three colors. 19'04"
  • Unit 3: Valuation blocks.12'10"
  • Unit 4: Establishment of lights and shadows in the painting. From the general plane to the nuance.24'31"
  • Unit 5: "The crossing in the desert". Add information progressively to the work. 28'29"
  • Unit 6: Transition to oil. Fixing of colors with varnish and study of its valuation. Solvents and color gamut of oils. 30'54"
  • Unit 7: Details and motifs. 11'58"
  • Unit 8: Application and development with oil.19'42"
  • Unit 9: Final details and complementary information. Effects and vegetation.25'12"
  • Unit 10: Completion. 41"
  • Total length: 2h. 59' 05"

In this course, you will learn Manuel Castillero’s way of understanding painting step by step, and from beginning to end.

His lessons will focus on: the correct realization of the lace, the analysis of the themes that best suit this type of painting and the reason for this choice. You will also understand the development of the stain, from the lean layer of the stain to refining the assessment, to give shades, with small profiles, etc.

Castillero will also teach you about which are the correct materials to use for this technique. For example: synthetic and bristle hair brushes, pencil, erasers, bodybuilder spatulas, etc. It will also address the use of a certain basic acrylic palette, and a specific selection of colors explaining why.

Regarding supports, the artist will comment on the different options. These are: wood or canvas, and the reason for each of these recommendations. It will also cover: depth, line, geometry, dimensions, and perspective, as well as lights, points of light, and shadows.

Other topics covered in the course will be: balance of architecture and vegetation; transition from the use of acrylics to oils; colour adjustment; as well as the use of varnish and cobalt drier. In short, with this course you will know the procedure of fast painting applied to urban landscapes.

Purpose of the courses

During this course you will learn to paint an urban landscape using mixed technique (acrylic and oil). You will know all the materials and techniques used by Manuel Castillero, which give his work a personal character.

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at: painters, amateurs or professionals who want to know techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in urban landscape painting.


Personal computer, or a tablet to watch the videos.

It is also possible to use a smartphone, although we recommend larger screen sizes to better appreciate details.

On the other hand, everyone will be able to use the preferred painting material to carry out the practices, although we recommend canvas or wood for the support and acrylic and oil for painting. We repeat: the materials are only recommended. The tutorial can be done without all the indicated materials, or in different formats than those suggested in the video.

Operation of BLURONE courses

All BLURONE courses are taught online and pursue the same objective: to achieve training without interruptions and that suits you.

Videos made by professionals who will explain their techniques and knowledge so that you, whenever you want, can learn and enhance all the skills and abilities you have to achieve the goal.

BLURONE courses can be seen again and again, at the time you want and in the place you choose. You are the one who marks the times and work.

About the artist

Manuel Castillero

Manuel Castillero

Córdoba 1976. Artist and painter

Castillero is an essential painter in the new generation of Spanish figurative painters. He is a fundamental reference of the so-called urban or landscape rapid painting. His measured balance of light, colour and line has elevated him to a position of recognition both by other painters, as well as by the gallery circuit, juries and the general public.

In 2015 he received the most prestigious figurative art award in Spain: the first prize in the 8th edition of the contest "Figuratives 2015" organized by the MEAM with the Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas de Barcelona. Hence his work "The day silence reigned in the congress" is part of the permanent collection of the MEAM in Barcelona.

In his nearly two decades of professional career, Castillero has received many awards in fast painting and landscape competitions. Among them are: The "AXA Catedral de Burgos" of 2017 (considered the most important natural painting contest in Spain); the National Living Culture Award in the Plastic Arts section 2019; or the XXI edition of the Castellar 2019 Outdoor Painting Contest, to name just a few.

Student comments

  1. Clubmaker13

    Curso muy interesante con excelentes explicaciones y soluciones prácticas orientado a la pintura rápida del paisaje urbano. Espero aprender la magia que tiene el mar que es infinita, moltes gracies Cesc.

  2. María Ángeles Macarazo

    Me ha encantado, es muy completo, gracias por la dedicación, y entusiasmo en dar a conocer su conocimiento, gracias

  3. N. Pastrana

    Mágico curso con un grandísimo maestro como es Manuel Castillero, se agradece muchísimo que comparta sus conocimientos.

  4. Antonio Abad Gallego

    Curso didáctico y ameno con un lenguaje claro y rico en matices de una obra de principio a fin.

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