A course by Aveline Stokart

Cinematic style illustration

Learn how to create illustrations that look like they’re taken from a movie frame from start to finish

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  • Unit 1. Introduction 55"
  • Unit 2. Selection of images. Composition. Light. Attitude. Characters. Ideal resolution for an illustration: 19'21"
  • Unit 3. Color modification of the sketch. Color tests. Light and effect on the elements. Diffuse and direct light. Defining lines and fill: 21'06"
  • Unit 4. Details and opacity. Skin and hair. Face: Eyes, nose and lips. Textures and lines. Shadows and blur. Final details: 22'27"
  • Unit 5. Farewell: 23"
  • Total length: 1h. 04' 12"

During this tutorial with Aveline Stokart you will learn how to create an atmosphere illustration from beginning to end. You will learn how to select pictures, the adequate composition of the ambience and the characters.

Their personality, how to make direct and diffuse lights, how to balance the shades and till the perfect resolution for your illustration.

Also, you will see how to define lines or how to color, balance the shades and blur, how to complete the skin and hair texture or the face, eyes,nose, and lips details.

Overall will give our illustration a film taken look.

Purpose of the courses

During this course, you will learn how to make your illustration with different digital techniques. With more than 1 hour of course,you will observe how she makes a illustration, and a explication of the process that will let you make you own work

When you finish this course you will be able to give light and an ambient to your illustrations.

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at artists or illustrators, amateurs or professionals who want to learn techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in the field of digital illustration, focusing on the design of characters and in creating scenes that evoke emotions.


Personal computer or a tablet to watch the videos and draw with Adobe Photoshop or Procreate. You can use a smartphone too, but we recommend a bigger screen to appreciate the details.

We recommend this material but similar ones can be used too.

Operation of BLURONE courses

All BLURONE courses are taught online and pursue the same objective: to achieve training without interruptions and that suits you.

Videos made by professionals who will explain their techniques and knowledge so that you, whenever you want, can learn and enhance all the skills and abilities you have to achieve the goal.

BLURONE courses can be seen again and again, at the time you want and in the place you choose. You are the one who marks the times and work.

About the artist

Aveline Stokart

Aveline Stokart

Aveline is a visual development artist and a comic artist from Belgium

When she was a kid, Avelin showed a big interest in drawing, it wasn't a surprise because she is very curious and observant, sensible, and loves the beauty of the most simple things in life.

She loved the character design and creating worlds for them, developing a unic dimension of their creations because she studied 3D Animation in the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard school, where she graduated in 2011.

Now she's an autodidact , learning more and more every day abou her drawings

She works as freelance for some customers drawing and animating

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