A course by Luis Cámara

Watercolor between realism and abstraction

Create your own style with various hands-on exercises from start to finish

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  • 1. Introduction. Keys and elements to work.
  • 2. Presentation of materials. Paper, brushes and other tools. Pigments.
  • 3. Principles of visual representation.
  • 4. Practical application: still life I.
  • 5. Practical application: still life II.
  • 6. Practical application: docked ships I.
  • 7. Practical application: docked ships II.
  • 8. Practical application: floral motifs I.
  • 9. Final conclusions and farewell.
  • Total length: 3h. 06' 14"

Luis Cámara is an artist who shows with every word and every gesture, with every brushstroke and every stroke, the vocation and enthusiasm he feels for his work. That is: the creation and teaching in the watercolor technique.

In this course, the author from Madrid shows us an approach to work with watercolor that is situated between realism and abstraction. Providing fundamental keys, both for those who have knowledge, and for people who want to start or who still have little experience. Helping them to improve in the development of their technique while enriching their own language and style.

Through 9 videos and more than 3 hours long we will see:

  • The importance of paper. Brushes and other tools.
  • The color palette. Conventional pigments prepared and use of mineral pigments agglutinated in a personal way.
  • Elements of visual representation. form, line, direction, texture and space. Unity and coherence; variety.
  • Tonal values: maximum light, maximum dark and midtones.
  • Work procedures: use of references, previous sketches to “get away from the work” and creation of the work. Final strokes and gestures.

Student comments

  1. Luis

    Buenos días, tan solo quería darte las gracias por tu curso en Blurone , súper inspirador y tremendamente bien comunicado.Altamente recomendable e imprescindible para explorar otros caminos de comunicación y expresión.. Sin más un saludo. Luis.

  2. Sara Sanz Nisa

    Muy interesante, ameno y didáctico.Me dedico a las artes plásticas desde hace muchos años, en el terreno del grabado y la cerámica artística. La acuarela es un capítulo que me interesa iniciar y este curso me ha proporcionado pautas básicas que voy a utilizar, además de ver procedimientos de trabajo de artistas como Luis Cámara, sin duda muy estmulante. Muchas gracias

  3. Carmen Portavella Garcia

    Valoración muy positiva por varios motivos. Uno, la cercanía del ponente, ya que me ha dado la sensación de estar en una formación presencial. Otra, las explicaciones tan claras de la técnica empleada , o de los pasos dados y el porqué de ellos . Buen comunicador. Se puede saber mucho de un tema, pero tener dificultad para expresarlo. Luis es un buen comunicador . Gracias por este curso tanto a Luis como a la plataforma

  4. Alfonso

    Un curso muy recomendable. El enfoque que le da Luis es muy interesante. Ese punto de abstracción que tienen sus obras hace que tengan un toque especial, muy personal, así como la reserva de blancos que hacen que la luz sea la protagonista. Me gustó mucho la explicación de los principios básicos de representación visual, imprescindible para abordar cualquier obra. Además, la manera didáctica de explicarlo también me ha parecido perfecta. Gracias Luis.

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Purpose of the courses

During this course you will learn to make landscapes in large format, from start to finish, using the watercolor technique

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at painters, amateurs or professionals who want to learn techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in the field of watercolor painting, especially in the field of landscape.


Personal computer or tablet to view the videos. It is also possible to use a smartphone, although we recommend larger screen sizes to better appreciate details. On the other hand, each one will be able to use the preferred painting material to carry out the practices, although the author recommends a table for the support and oil to paint.

The materials, we reiterate, are recommended. The tutorial can be done without all the materials or in formats other than those oriented in the video.

The important thing is to practice, practice and practice again the exercise proposed by the artist.

Operation of BLURONE courses

All BLURONE courses are taught online and pursue the same objective: to achieve training without interruptions and that suits you.

Videos made by professionals who will explain their techniques and knowledge so that you, whenever you want, can learn and enhance all the skills and abilities you have to achieve the goal.

BLURONE courses can be seen again and again, at the time you want and in the place you choose. You are the one who marks the times and work.

About the artist

Luis Cámara

Luis Cámara

Spanish watercolorist painter born in Madrid

Luis Cámara is a watercolorist from Madrid, a member of the Spanish Association of Watercolorists (AEDA) and a watercolor teacher at various art schools and online courses.

He is one of the current Spanish watercolorists with the most international projection. In fact, he has been selected and invited to participate in exhibitions of this technique, both national and international, held in: Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Albania, India, Chile, Mexico and China.

His style stands out for the way he handles water to make the most of the transparency and subtlety of watercolor. With this he achieves landscapes and snowy trees, floral motifs that seem to float in the air, geometric boats, "semi-abstract" still lifes that have the distinctive imprint of modern watercolor, of current watercolor.

All this has led him to state that: “Watercolor is for me the most appropriate technique to represent any subject from suggestion, synthesis and simplification, eliminating details and trying to maintain the essence of what we want to represent. . I am moved by those watercolors that, with a few brushstrokes, suggest great stories.”

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