A course by Paco Martín

Hyper-realistic drawing with colored pencils

Discover all the possibilities of this technique from beginning to end

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  • Basic materials: paper, pencils (different brands), erasers and other support tools.
  • First steps.
  • Color fades.
  • Shadows.
  • The background
  • Textures.
  • 14 videos with step by step explanations.
  • Total length: 5h. 26' 30"

During fourteen videos, the graphic artist Paco Martín shows us the complete process of making a work, of great naturalism, using coloured pencils. With a meticulous and emotional work, Paco transmits his passion for this technique that allows him to express in a forceful and sensitive way all the properties of the matter it represents, offering the same possibilities; regarding the representation of light, colour or textures; than other more popular painting techniques have.

During almost five and a half hours of teachings from Paco Martín we are going to learn:

  • Basic materials: paper, pencils (different brands), erasers and other support tools.
  • The different phases of the process.
  • Light and color.
  • Color fades.
  • Textures.

Student comments

  1. marianlarumbe

    Me has encantado el curso por eso me gustaria que hiciesen otro con Paco Martin para seguir aprendiendo

  2. Pilar dominguez sanchez

    Un fantástico curso, he aprendido mucho acerca del lápiz de color. Espero que haya más.

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Purpose of the courses

During this course, you will learn to make your own work using coloured pencil techniques. This process will take place from start to finish. For more than five hours, you will be able to see a demonstration of Paco Martín's work, and also listen to an explanation and breakdown of his entire process in simple steps. That will allow you to apply these procedures later to your own work.

Once the entire process is complete, you can bring a greater wealth to your jobs.

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at graphic artists, illustrators, hobbyists or professionals who want to know techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in the use of coloured pencils.


A personal computer, or a tablet to view the videos. It is also possible to use a smartphone, although we recommend larger screen sizes that allow you to appreciate the details. On the other hand, everyone will be able to use the preferred painting material to carry out the practices, although we recommend Paco Martín in the first phase of the process, he recommends a type of paper and some suitable pencils.

Operation of BLURONE courses

All BLURONE courses are taught online and pursue the same objective: to achieve training without interruptions and that suits you.

Videos made by professionals who will explain their techniques and knowledge so that you, whenever you want, can learn and enhance all the skills and abilities you have to achieve the goal.

BLURONE courses can be seen again and again, at the time you want and in the place you choose. You are the one who marks the times and work.

About the artist

Paco Martín

Paco Martín

Plastic artist from Madrid, Spain

Paco Martín has been passionated about coloured pencils since childhood.

To his initial self-taught training, he added structured training and guidance that he found in Sarita Muñiz's classes, where he learned to paint in oil and was captivated by pastel, procedures that helped him improve with coloured pencils. This technique has been that has allowed him to develop fully as an artist.

Over the years, he has explored coloured pencils, striving to perfect his technique, experimenting, trying different brands of pencils and paper, and facing increasing artistic challenges, achieving a high degree of naturalism in his works. allowing him to communicate stronger emotions. He has connected his solid background in mathematics with painting, incorporating aesthetically pleasing geometric shapes, designs, or golden sections to his creations.

Paco is a member of different coloured pencil associations (CPSA, UKCPS, CPCAU, IGOR) and has been recognized with several awards. At the same time, he has obtained Master's status through the CPCAU and the UKCPS y CPSA designation. He has started to share his knowledge with other fans, leading various master classes and exhibitions in Madrid, Spain, the United Kingdom and Sofia (Bulgaria), as well as different workshops on coloured pencils in Spain. It has been a rewarding experience for the artist and an opportunity to sell his works. He held a solo exhibition in Madrid in 2016 with 46 coloured pencil and graphite paintings, and since 2016 he has sent works to different exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.