A course by Vicente García Fuentes

Painting the sky outdoors with watercolors.

Learn about the techniques that will allow you to paint the skies from life at different times of the day: sunrise, noon and sunset.

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  • 1. Presentation.
  • 2. Materials. Color palette, brushes, papers, resources.
  • 3. Previous explanations. atmospheres. Plans, Humidity control. Tonal value.
  • 4. Sky watercolor from nature in large format. Adjustment of values. Lights and shadows.
  • 5. Sky watercolor continuation of life in large format. Textures and wet work.
  • 6. Previous explanations.
  • 7. Sunset sky from nature in watercolor.
  • 8. Natural sunset tones. Wet work.
  • 9. Natural sunrise in watercolor.
  • 10.Continuation. Natural sunrise in watercolor .
  • 11. Farewell.
  • Total lenght: 2h. 55' 30"
The sky has been a constant motif of representation throughout the history of art. Essential component in the composition of any work. Its versatility and changeable state in shapes and colors makes it one of the fans with the greatest possibilities that natural can offer us. Whether our landscape is urban, rural, marine or crowned by mountains in each and every one of our works, the sky must be present and working on it from nature is not only a clear commitment to analyzing it in the most exhaustive way possible but also the best way of capturing its relationship with the sun and the changing clouds that draw it.
Sunrise, noon and sunset as examples of their behavior and incidence of light are the three practical demonstrations of this course. How light falls on the atmosphere, its intensity and the elements that compose it.
By the hand of Vicente García we will capture works full of life and expressiveness through watercolor on paper with the aim of carrying out a comprehensive journey through the way of working with natural skies from beginning to end.
During almost 3 hours of videos they will offer us different exercises in which we can learn.
  • Materials, brushes, palettes, paper, color palette, resources
  • Atmospheres, planes, humidity control. tone value.
  • Importance of the focal point. Adjustment of values. Lights and shadows.
  • Understand how light behaves and affects.
  • Practices: Sunrise, noon and sunset.
  • Textures and wet work.
  • Distance and perspective. work in large format
  • All this with easy and affordable explanations for all levels.

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Purpose of the courses

During this course you will learn painting techniques and procedures in watercolor on paper to create spectacular natural skies at different times of the day

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at artists or painters, amateurs or professionals who want to know techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in the watercolor technique, especially in landscape.


Personal computer or tablet to view the videos. It is also possible to use a smartphone, although we recommend larger screen sizes to better appreciate details.

As for the material to practice, paper, brushes, watercolors, pencil or mechanical pencil are recommended. The materials, we reiterate, are recommended. The tutorial can be done without all the materials or in formats other than those oriented in the video.

The important thing is to practice, practice and practice again the exercise proposed by the teacher.

Operation of BLURONE courses

All BLURONE courses are taught online and pursue the same objective: to achieve training without interruptions and that suits you.

Videos made by professionals who will explain their techniques and knowledge so that you, whenever you want, can learn and enhance all the skills and abilities you have to achieve the goal.

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About the artist

Vicente García Fuentes

Vicente García Fuentes

Vicente García Fuentes (Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Toledo). specialized in watercolor.

Vicente García has lived with painting all his life. He started painting classes at the age of 6 and has been trained in drawing, color, composition and technique with numerous painters.

Nordic landscapes abound in his work, where the ice and especially the sky and a very personal atmosphere, take on a fundamental importance that he usually works in the wet.

He has participated in numerous international teams and has exhibited in Iceland, the US, China, Italy, India, France, Vietnam and the Czech Republic.

In addition, for many years he has shared his passion for painting with teaching. He has taught watercolor courses in Norway, Madrid, Seville ...

He is currently a member of the IWS Spain Team (branch of the International Watercolor Society in Spain)