A course by Natalia Segovia

Alla prima portrait with oils

Learn to paint by modeling the figure “wet on wet”

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  • Materials. Characteristics of pigments: knowing how to interpret them.
  • Zorn's basic palettes and an extensive palette «in the style of Velázquez».
  • Exercise of the sphere.
  • Color theory.
  • Proper use of different diluents.
  • The portrait: a brief history.
  • Basic notions about Anatomy of the face. Tips for practicing.
  • Choice of reference. Portrait alla prima first steps.
  • Building and modeling a "robust" structure. From the general to the particular. Painting by planes.
  • Total length: 4h. 54 '29 "

In this course, Natalia Segovia, an artist specialized in oil portraits, will teach us how to make a portrait «alla prima», that is, «the first time» since it is a direct painting technique consisting of modeling the shapes using colored brushstrokes applied directly to the canvas, without initial sketch or detailed drawing, and using the “wet-on-wet” method.

Natalia, thanks to her extensive teaching experience, will easily teach us to make a «robust» initial structure, based on the analysis of the anatomy of the person portrayed, the use of plans and the development of painting from the general point of view to the particular.

Natalia will show through her advice, the narration of her experiences and the implementation of a fundamental and, sometimes, unnoticed factor: «the resemblance does not have to be looked for», but it will necessarily appear and be shown to us when we take practice the appropriate method in a reflective and guided manner according to our rhythm.

In a particular way, through almost 5 hours of tutored videos, step by step and from beginning to end, we will see the following topics:

  • Materials. Types of pigments and their interpretation. Color palette and tonal balance. Thinners and their correct use.
  • Brief history of the portrait.
  • Notions about anatomy.
  • Choice of the reference and its vital importance to leave our mark on the portrait.
  • Work from the general to the particular and its value for our consistency in execution.
  • Adequate play of light, shadow and fillings.
  • Personality, character and definition. Personal stamp

Student comments

  1. salinasjimenezsara

    Muy recomendable el curso, muy interesante ver cómo pinta alla prima, me gustaría que se hiciesen más cursos de esta magnífica pintora en la plataforma. Ha sido un curso ameno e instructivo

  2. CarmenRB

    Me ha encantado el curso, lo recomiendo 100%. Natalia es clara y transmite los conceptos de manera sencilla. He aprendido mucho viendo su proceso.

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Purpose of the courses

Durante este curso aprenderás procedimientos y técnicas pictóricas usando como temática un retrato.

During this course you will learn oil painting procedures and techniques using a portrait as the theme.

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During this course you will learn procedures and painting techniques using a portrait as the subject.

Who these are for?

This course is aimed at painters, hobbyists or professionals who want to know techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in the field of painting in general and portraiture in particular.


Personal computer or tablet to view the videos. It is also possible to use a smartphone, although we recommend larger screen sizes to better appreciate details. On the other hand, everyone will be able to use the preferred painting material to carry out the practices, although we recommend canvas or wood for the support and oil for painting.

The materials, we reiterate, are recommended. The tutorial can be done without all the materials or in formats other than those oriented in the video.

The important thing is to practice, practice and re-practice the exercise proposed by the artist.

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Videos made by professionals who will explain their techniques and knowledge so that you, whenever you want, can learn and enhance all the skills and abilities you have to achieve the goal.

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About the artist

Natalia Segovia

Natalia Segovia

Spanish painter.

Natalia Tomás de Segovia, born the year 1985 at the province of Albacete, got a degree on Fine Arts on the Facultad de San Carlos de Valencia, being teached on a vast variety of techniques and styles, which deviated from the more traditional to the most modern and contemporary.

After some years dedicated to different professional activities, Natalia returned to her real vocation: painting, especially on the topic that passionated her and at which she was best: portraits. Before the comeback, her style started to develop, turning into a Contemporanean Realism, inspired by the baroque and inter-centuries classics.

And since this comeback, she has obtained a lot of achievements, like, for example, the first prize of painting of “la Casa del Alumno de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”, in addition to the increasement of her expositions and the incorporation of the docence into her professional activity, teaching courses and workshops.