PACK: Natalia Tomás Segovia.

Two courses from the author: We paint portrait alla prima and
Introduction to Anders Zorn’s palette.

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  • Pintamos retrato alla prima Aprende a pintar retratos con la técnica de «húmedo sobre húmedo» . Duración: 4 horas 54 minutos
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  • Introducción a la paleta de Anders ZornAprende a realizar retratos de principio a fin con tan sólo los 4 colores de la paleta reducida de Anders Zorn: amarillo ocre, rojo bermellón, negro marfil y blanco.. Duración: 4 horas y 36 minutos
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In this PACK of OIL PAINTING COURSES with Natalia Tomás Segovia, throughout almost 10 hours of videos, with demonstrations and practical step-by-step explanations you will be able to see:

COURSE I: Portrait alla prima in oil:

  • Materials. Types of pigments and their interpretation. Color palette and tonal balance. Diluents and their correct use.
  • Brief history of portraiture.
  • Notions about anatomy.
  • Choice of reference and its vital importance to leave our mark on the portrait.
  • Work from the general to the particular and its value for our coherence in execution.
  • Adequate play of lights, shadows and fillings.
  • Personality, character and definition. personal seal.

COURSE II: Introduction to Anders Zorn’s palette.

  • Materials. Palette, solvents, brushes, support, etc.
  • Light sources, transitions, values and tones.
  • Zorn’s palette. Balance. Durability.
  • Theory of color. Points of reference. Broken.
  • Maximum lights. Transparent and opaque colors. Integration.
  • Volumes, planes, depth.
  • Saturation, reflections, perspective, symmetry.
  • Alternation of temperatures, cast and own shadows, final details and much more.


The course is highly recommended, very interesting to see how she paints alla prima, I would like to see more courses of this magnificent painter on the platform. It has been an enjoyable and instructive course. Sara Salinas Jiménez.

Highly recommended.
She explains it very clearly and allows you to understand the processes you go through when you set out to paint. Judith Villa.

A wonderful course. Perfect both for beginners and for the painter who wants to have a fresher and more current vision of portraiture. Manuel Castillero.

The content of the course is very powerful. Natalia’s work process is enriching and you learn a lot from it, it has helped me a lot on my path. Natalia teaches in a simple and precise way, making it easy to understand what she explains right away. In short, a 100% recommended course. Roberto Mudoa.

Very good!… I have learned a lot and it has helped me understand what has generated recurring errors in my painting process. Natalia is very clear.. precise and very entertaining to convey what she knows. She has left me excited and I think I will be able to apply what I have learned. Recommended 100%. Jorge Moraga.


Purpose of the courses

During these courses you will learn to make oil portraits from start to finish. With the alla prima technique and with the use of Anders Zorn's limited palette. Step by step under the mastery of Natalia Tomás Segovia throughout almost 10 hours of explanations you will have all the tools to learn to create and master portraits like a professional.

Who these are for?

These courses are aimed at painters, amateurs or professionals who want to know techniques, resources and procedures to learn, improve or develop their talent in the field of watercolor landscape.



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